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The desire to fly has always been the dream of man since the earliest times. Hang-Gliding is an extreme sport, which has made the flight possible for everyone.


You will be guided and looked after by a safety instructor in order to learn or improve your hang gliding skills and enjoy the experience in complete safety. We take safety precautions very seriously and only select qualified professionals with years of teaching experience under their belts.


The first man that fly with an ancestor of hang-gliding was Otto Lilienthal in the second half of 1800. In 1951 Francis Melvin Rogallo, NASA aeronautical engineer from Langley, patented a ‘ Flying wing ‘ (Rogallo Wing) designed to make light aircraft. The idea remained unused until May 1961, when it was carefully evaluated by NASA. In the 1960s Bill Moyes (an Australian waterski instructor) built the first Rogallo wing that he dragged onto the water, hooked to a motorboat, and managed to lift the skier who was hanging there.

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