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What You Will Experience

Riding a Snow Scoot is a unique and fun experience! Anyone can try it and it doesn’t take a much time at all to learn the basics. After just a bit of practice you’ll be able to ride on some fantastic slopes!

One of the key advantages of the Snow Scoot experience is that, unlike skies and snowboards, you are not physically attached to the structure so you will be able to simply throw it away if you feel unsafe at any time.


Our Safety Procedures

You will be guided and looked after by a trained safety instructor at all times in order to enjoy this experience without any risk. We take safety precautions very seriously and only select qualified professionals with years of teaching experience under their belts.


Health & Psychological Benefits

Riding a Snow Scoot is a great way to exercise your body and your mind. During the ride, you will exercise a range of core muscles, as well as burning up a huge amount of calories. And, like many winter sports, it’s a great way to relax your mind and surround yourself by amazing landscapes that will give you more energy and help you to feel at one with nature.

  • Fun
  • Health benefits
  • Adrenaline
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