Le Mans Prototype – Exclusive Driving Experience

Starting from €18000

Le Mans Prototype – Exclusive Driving Experience

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Drive the fabulous Ginetta G57-P2 Le Mans Prototype car as part of our private driving limited experiences!
The circuit is exclusively ours for the duration of the event, so you can really feel the sheer thrill of these super fast and aerodynamic racing cars. We have eight cars, an eclectic mix of vehicles each with their own individual characteristics. These supercars will take you on an exhilarating journey, starting with mastering the track and the fastest lines, understanding mechanical grip, to feeling the aerodynamic forces whilst cornering at unimaginable speeds.
With the idillic backdrop of the Plaine des Maures nature reserve, our VIP guests will enjoy the breathtaking experience of driving a modern Le Mans Prototype racing car around a private former Formula 1 testing circuit.

Drivers are coached through a sequence of cars by our professional instructors -both English and French- and we have a data analysis consultant available to further enhance the level of coaching available.

Away from the track, we have arranged for you to stay in some of the best hotels in France.

The driver’s guests are able to enjoy many activities at the Château de Berne hotel, such as the spa, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, mountain biking, wine tasting and cellar tours – or if they wish to come to the circuit, there is an air-conditioned trackside viewing gallery available, complete with drinks and snacks.

The indicated price is for 2 people and includes one drive.

Dates available only upon request.

Starting From €18000
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Activities in this holiday

  • Le Mans Prototype exclusive driving experience

Included in this holiday

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A two day driving experience for one

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Driving a Lotus Exige 350 (included in: a two day driving experience for one)

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Driving a Praga R4S (included in: a two day driving experience for one)

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Driving a Wolf CN Prototype (included in: a two day driving experience for one)

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Driving a Ginetta G57-P2 (included in: a two day driving experience for one)

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3 nights accommodation and breakfast in 5 Stars Hotel for you and one other guest in a shared room

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A hot lunch prepared by the best local caterers will be served on driving days

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Road transfers between the hotel and circuit

In-car video footage

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(Premium holiday)

After making your way to the hotel you will be able to relax and spend the afternoon and evening at your leisure, enjoying the hotel spa facilities and gourmet dining pleasures!

Following breakfast you will be chauffeured from the hotel to the circuit where you will meet the team and be given a safety briefing and an initial introduction to the track layout.
Following the briefing you will access your own personal locker in the drivers’ changing room, containing your racing suit, helmet and gloves.
You will then get acquainted to the cars and finally go on the track!
This day will focus on mechanical grip and the traction circle, using the Lotus Exige 350 and the Pragas, both of which are well balanced, powerful and lightweight, making them ideal to feel the adhesion limit.
Lunch break at the circuit will include hot cuisine provided by the best local caterers.
After lunch, you will continue your experience alongside your driving coach. Drivers who are taking a break and guests will be able to watch the on-track action from an air-conditioned trackside viewing platform.
At the end of the day, you will be chauffeured back to your hotel where you will be able to unwind in the spa or share the day’s experiences with colleagues on the terrace or in the lounge.

After being chauffeured to the circuit, you will be given a short recap-briefing.
Once changed into your racing apparel, we will get you out onto the track.
The focus of this day is understanding and feeling the influence of aerodynamic downforces on the vehicle.
Experience the wind through your hair in the open cockpit Wolf GB08 CN Prototype and the assault on your senses in the Ginetta G57-P2 Le Mans Prototype.
During lunch break you will have the opportunity to tour the historical Formula 1 cars held in the workshop.
Our telemetry consultant will be available during the event to talk you through the vehicle dynamics data captured by the Race-Keeper HDX2 devices on your USB drive. Using this data we are able to show you lap comparisons such as braking points, apex speeds and track positioning.
At the end of the day, you will be chauffeured back to your hotel – don’t forget your HD Video USB drive that captured your driving experiences!

After breakfast you will be able to relax before departure, as the hotel check out time is not until 11am.

Activities in this holiday

  • Le Mans Prototype exclusive driving experience

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Holiday location: France

Starting from: 18000

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