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An outstanding experience

This has been the best holiday of my life! I loved trying so many different activities that were new to me, and I must say that they gave me a boost of energy which I did not expect at all. Taking a break from the usual routine is definitely something that is beneficial from both the soul and the mind. I will definitely come back for more!

Anna S. (35) – London, UK

(Tailor-Made Holiday)

The holiday of a lifetime

From start to finish, our holiday went on smoothly, and our thank you goes out to Life Dreams for providing us with a great opportunity to try heli-skiing and snowshoeing, as well as allowing us to see many stunning locations.

We were also able to see the traditional way of living of Italians. One of the highlights of our holiday was the two days Italian cooking course with a very warm and polite chef. Our accommodation was excellent, and was just as we had expected. A memorable adventure and wonderful experience. This made me feel very fulfilled as a 59-years old!

Ashford (59) – Leicester, UK

(Tailor-Made Holiday)

I had an amazing time

I recently came back home from my vacation in Italy with Life Dreams. This vacation was indeed a life changing experience.

Life Dreams has officially become my go-to tour operator now.
Not only did the company enable me to experience the varied and
exciting wonders of Italy, but their crew also taught me how to Ice
Climb in a fun and enjoyable way.

I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a holiday in Europe, especially if it’s their first time going there.

Augusta (35) – Toronto, CA 

(Tailor-Made Holiday)

An unforgettable holiday full
of exciting activities!

Wow what a trip! You have completely exceeded my expectations! I actually don’t know
where to start off except to thank the Life Dreams team for making our holiday so
amazing. Italy is a very beautiful country and Life Dreams made me fall more
in love with it each and every day.

No one amongst us had much clues on what to expect and we were completely blown by the country’s beauty as well as the intriguing activities such as skydiving, SUV tours, and rafting.. now I’m officially addicted, I got to try the other activities as well 🙂

The company’s service was absolutely amazing and exceeded our expectations.

We highly recommend this tour operator to everyone!

Sarah (28) and James (32) – Texas, US 

(Tailor-Made Holiday)

This was exciting to say the least!

This holiday in Slovenia has been absolutely amazing! Each day was an exciting
adventure and overall you made us feel like you had planned it with great care, meeting both our expectations and special requirements.

You completely exceeded what we had looked forward to. We really enjoyed rafting, the zipline and horse riding. Also, our accommodations were very elegant and clean, and we had been guided by a tour guide who knew the area very well. A+ for that awesome trip.

Gary (45)– Oakland, CA

(Rafting-Zipline-Horse riding holiday in Slovenia)

A remarkable experience

Last year, I travelled to Cortina d’Ampezzo where I skied and snow shoeing with my girlfriend, while enjoying the beautiful mountain views in the area. It has been a great experience, and will come back from more (hopefully this summer?).

Sam (20) – London, UK 

(Ski & Snowshoeing holiday in Italy)

Simply amazing

David and I just wanted to tell everyone how much we have enjoyed relying on Life Dreams during our trip last year. We appreciate their dedication in presenting themselves as a reliable tour operator with unique and amazing activities that help you re-gain energy from your normal working routine. Your service and knowledge was remarkable, and we look forward to the adrenaline mountain-biking and paragliding experience in Dolomites that we booked a couple of days ago. I’m looking forward to see you soon!

Janet (28) and Richard (29) – Aberdeen, Scotland

(Rafting, Zipline and Horse riding in Slovenia)

The ultimate downhill & paragliding experience

I rarely rely on tour operators for my trips; however, with an amazing reference from close friends and since my previous trip to Italy had been a very complicated trip, I choose to try Life Dreams for my summer holiday.

It turned out to be the right decision. Their level of professionalism and expertise , along with being guided by positive and friendly staff throughout the activities made this holiday absolutely remarkable. It really was a mix between a fun and adrenaline experience, but also a learning experience. I now refined my Downhill skills, and know what it feels like to be flying on top of the world by Paragliding!

Britt W. (48) – Lake Tahoe

(Downhill & Paragliding in Italy)

I had a great time

Our trip was wonderful with excellent planning on Life Dreams part. Many of the adventures the company offered us were not main-stream and were slightly off the beaten path, hence made the trip completely enjoyable! My family was well taken care of during our trip and the questions we asked were readily responded to by the guides that had been provided to us by the company.

Well, I will once again rely on Life Dreams amazing
services if I do visit Italy again together with my family.

Karen (33) – Monaco

(Tailor-Made Holiday)

Good times, will be back for more

I can’t say enough good stories about this trip. In particular, the Life Dreams
crew and the cool activities made the trip for me. I will be back for more!

Jane & Paul (20,21) – Sydney, Australia 

(Tailor-made holiday)

Life Dreams Made My Holiday Experience Memorable

This was my first trip to Europe and I was a little nervous. However, Life Dreams made things so easy! All of my questions were responded to before I left, and our guide was awesome! She gave us plenty of guidance to explore the best places in the area and made us try amazing activities such as skydiving and paragliding. Overall, this has been a very cool holiday.

Laura K (24) – New Zealand 

(Tailor-Made Holiday)



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