Amazing Landscapes

Whichever season you are visiting in, Austria’s natural beauty and small size make it the ideal holiday destination all year round. A short, thirty-minute drive can take you from the cosy surrounding of a city café to the wild ruggedness of the Alps. Its crystal-clear lakes, dense pine forests and ice caves are just waiting to be explored. Thanks to its surroundings, the country also plays host to some of the best outdoor adventure activities on the planet, including unbeatable skiing and snowboarding.


Great Food & Beer

Whether you are skiing in the Alps or wondering through a picturesque town square, you are never far away from some delicious, hearty food in Austria. In the winter weather, a spicy goulash will soon bring some colour back to your cheeks. A Wiener Schnitzel (a fried veal escalope) tastes wonderful when washed down with one of the country’s award-winning beers. Just remember to leave room for some dessert, as you would not want to miss out on a flaky apple strudel or a rich Sacher Torte.


Art & Culture

With over 200 festivals taking place throughout the year, Austria’s hills really are alive with the sound of music. The country’s larger cities, such as Vienna and Salzburg, are awash with some of the finest museums and art galleries on the continent. While they help to tell the tale of the country’s rich history, nothing can beat wondering through the stone-cobbled streets and stumbling across one of the country’s spectacular palaces or castles.


Unique Places

The scenic, lakeside town of Hallstatt features one of the most bizarre exhibitions on the planet. The Beinhaus, which roughly translates as the ‘bone house’, has an array of over 1,200 human skulls on display.  The bones, which date back as far as the 17th century, were originally taken to the building due to a lack of space in the church’s cemetery. The town’s landscape also teeters on the edge of sanity, with frozen waterfalls, huge ice glaziers and underground caves. Austria is the perfect country for an adventure luxury holiday.

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